Overwatch: ¡Apagando las luces! (Review)


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It was a couple of BlizzCon’s ago that I recall Overwatch being revealed for the for the first time. I was not initially blown away by this, but rather, surprised. Blizzard had just entered the FPS realm; this alone intrigued me.

I had watched the trailers and the animated short films. I still wasn’t as excited as some of my friends, or even the general populace of gamers, were. It was not until the open beta that the game clicked into place for me. Up until then, a team-based shooter from Blizzard, which held a lot of similarities to Team Fortress, was something of a question mark for me.

Then the game was released. Everything changed.

Team-based shooters have always been a part of my gaming experiences, dating right back to the original Counter-Strike. I bought Overwatch on PS4. (I know, “PC master race”, “it’s better on PC”, etc. etc.) I do have the PC version of the game as well, but I prefer the PS4 for different reasons.

When I started Overwatch, I was going solo. None of my friends at the time had bought it so I was grinding to level 25 alone to unlock the competitive mode. Competitive mode was another beast in itself. My first main character was Mercy for the majority of the first season. Then I started playing Reaper and a few other characters along the way.

For the first 5 and a half seasons I was solo queuing. I didn’t really have a consistent group of players that I meshed well with. The latter part of Season 5 is when I encountered a group of players that, for one, loved the game, but also made me laugh with antics that we encountered with the random players in our competitive games.

My love for Overwatch also comes from Blizzard’s world building and the lore that enriches it. I’m a lore buff and constantly want to know the stories behind the characters and the world that they live in. I’ve been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft 3 and it’s the rich story that they create is what hooks me in all their games. I managed to attend the World Cup 2017 Qualifiers here in Sydney where I saw my home team perform and continue onto the World Cup Finals at BlizzCon. My fandom has taken over and I’ve recently bought the Art of Overwatch and the Anthology Comic Series, which are based on the characters’ origins (I highly recommend buying them).

Every season of Overwatch has brought something new, whether it be changes to the meta or new characters or new maps. Overwatch at times feels like an MMO in disguise with its mechanical elements spread throughout the game. I can’t place my finger on what exactly why Overwatch has me logging on every day and playing it for hours on end but I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

Not every game is perfect, and Overwatch is no different. For the most part I’ve had really good experiences overall. I’ve come across some very colourful players over the 6 seasons of the game. Every match is different so the experiences with my Overwatch buddies is always fun even if we’ve given up being competitive by the end of it. The current Overwatch is vastly different compared to when it first launched. It will be very interesting to see its trajectory within the next few years with more improvements, or albeit with a sequel.

Who knows? I guess only time will tell, if the heroes of Overwatch never die.

P.S: I just want to thank Paris Vakarian Paris’s Blog of Awesomeness (Go check her blog out!) as through being a fan of her work which inspired me to write out my love for gaming. Thank you for being you and what you bring to us gamers especially in Australia where gaming is still growing and providing an avenue for others to be informed.

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