Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro vs Nintendo Switch: Which one is the best for your gaming needs Part One: PS4 Pro

Let me preface this, I own all current generation consoles which for me is the first and probably the last time I’ll own three consoles at any given time. So this is will be my personal experiences with each console and what they have to offer and what may suit you if you are on the fence or unsure which one to purchase.


I’ll be starting with the PlayStation 4 Pro as I have had the console the longest since it’s release and also did own the original PS4 beforehand too. I’ll touch on the difference between those two consoles further in.

With the PS4 Pro is the high-end of the console market, it’s still within affordable means. The PS4 Pro, in all honesty, should have been the console Sony launched with from day one. Yes, it’s a bit of a price bump from the base model but it wouldn’t have been much of an issue for gamers and non-gamers alike in the long run.

Let’s start with the basics, PS4 Pro has a 1 Terabyte Harddrive, it allows to be played on 4K Tv’s which has a higher dynamic range(HDR) with the depth of colours and how it is presented. With the PS4 Pro if you want the most of it, highly recommend in having a TV with HDR alongside with the 4K resolution because there is a huge difference in graphics fidelity if you are a tech geek.


If you are an owner of a PlayStation VR, you will benefit with the PS4 Pro because of the extra power it boasts compared to the standard PS4 which at times can’t handle the power that the VR requires to play things out smoothly. Keep that in mind if you are going to jump into VR gaming. I do have a PSVR and I’ll add this to it if you are a person who gets motion sickness than the VR is not for you. And at best for some reason, I can never play it longer than an hour at a time, it’s not made for long periods of time rather in moderation and there aren’t many full games that have hours of gameplay which is a plus.

For the players

It’s all about the games. The games I’ll talk about are my top three that any PS4 owner must have in their library.

Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4): C6RVI6SVMAAq6aw

This game is breathtakingly beautiful. From the different environments encompassing this world is gorgeous and there have been times I would stand still and watch the herds of animals going about doing their own thing. Or a couple of Watchers attacking a Thunderjaw, which felt like a National Geographic moment just needed the voice of David Attenborough to complete it. And I loved the fact they put Photo-Mode in the game. I’m pretty sure 50% of my game time was taking photos anywhere I could. The above image is one of those photo-mode shots I took.

The game’s soundtrack was beautiful which added to what was going on around you. It really had this epic operatic vibe that really sucks you in the environment or a story beat your experiencing. If you need that open-world action RPG game you can’t go wrong with this game. The story, characters and the world are of the highest quality and I hope there is more because the lore that you discover throughout the game and its history, there is a foundation to build upon.

God of War (PS4):


Just recently completed God of War. I had never played the previous games even though I do own the remastered collection on PS3, I just never got around to playing them properly. This one seemed like a departure from its predecessors in terms of tone, gameplay and the story being told.

This game takes place after the previous games and it’s just Kratos and Atreus. What Santa Monica Studios did was nothing short of an epic adventure between Father and Son using Norse Mythology as it’s backdrop. This is a father and son story at its heart while all these fantastical things that they experience throughout the game.

The first thing you’ll notice is the visuals. This game is the epitome in terms of visual story-telling there is in this current generation of consoles. If you have a PS4 Pro with a 4K TV then you’re going to have a hard time picking up your jaw from the floor as you explore Norway and its occupants who reside in it.

If you have never played any of the God of War games like me, then you’ll fit right in because of the story and the characters are so engaging that you’ll lose track of time as you delve deeper. The music with its orchestral scope adds to the tensest of moments as well as the downtime between these larger than life experiences. And this game has by far one of the better antagonists you’ll come across. There are definite nods who are the fans of the series in the game too. I highly recommend this game for any new owner of PS4. This is a Game of the Year 2018 contender.

Persona 5 (PS4): Persona-5

From the opening intro with the anime style intro and the theme song for the game. Hooked me straight into it before I hit the menu screen. From the opening intro for the game once you load it up, plays out like an anime series in this lavish cut-scene and then switches to game-play. Everything feels familiar if you’ve played a lot of JRPG’s, Atlus did what I call the “Blizzard move” take the best parts from other games in the genre and blend it all together in this perfect amalgamation.

There are games out there where you finish the story between 30-40 hrs and side missions add another few hours on-top. This game’s story is 100 hrs plus it was no mean feat but the story was so engaging all the way through and the side missions were just as engaging because there are a day and night cycle but also a calendar cycle. Without spoiling it there is a calendar cycle system that adds a sense of urgency to the missions, even the story ones which is great because it requires you to be focused 100% of the time.

As I’m writing this I’m listening to the fantastic soundtrack from the game. This has one of the catchiest beats and songs I’ve ever listened to in a game period. I still hum the tunes to this day even though I’ve finished the game a while ago now. From combat mechanics to the puzzles and I have to say this game has the most bizarre Boss battles ever. They are disgustingly fun and requires strategy with each approach.

What carried me throughout this game is the cast of characters you meet and form the Phantom Thieves that you lead. This game feels like playing a live anime series as you go through to solving murder mysteries, government corruption and this whole “Upside Down” world that you have to explore and solve its mysteries. This game has it all. For me, this is my Game of the Year of 2017. I highly recommend it for any PS4 owner and any lover of RPG’s in general and also for any newcomers to the genre. This game will also steal your heart!

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