Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro vs Nintendo Switch: Which one is the best for your gaming needs Part Three: Nintendo Switch

From my experience with the Switch has been interesting. It’s a very comfortable device in the sense of its portability and functionality.  For gamers alike, this is like the smartphone or tablet but with HD level graphics with that Nintendo charm.

Nintendo crafted a very user-friendly console that caters both to console gamers and handheld gamers, with new owners successfully. For me personally, this is a very convenient console in the way of you don’t have to be glued to your TV to continue playing. And I love that aspect of it and the console itself doesn’t take up much room and it’s easily customisable due to its portability.

Nintendo went with a very minimalistic approach to the Switch from the hardware aspect as well as its hud interface which makes navigating its menus very easy and intuitive. The controller’s (Joycons) is very nimble when you un-attach them from the Switch especially if you’re like me who have big hands. It’s why I recommend getting the Switch Pro Controller which is very comfortable for us big hand users.


Games should be something everybody wants to play.

My games library on my Switch is very limited currently. These are the games I have which I’ll share my experiences with you.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


I don’t how, to begin with talking about this game. The Zelda franchise has always been a part of my childhood growing up and as I grew up the series also grew too. And in some ways, it still has that nostalgic heart at its core.

Nintendo created this game for its loyal fanbase and what I mean by that, is that this was made for gamers that don’t own any other console and have not played the type of game that Breath of the wild caters to. For me personally, when you’ve played and experienced a game like Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn which are similar experiences. In Zelda’s case, it is a unique one as it breaks away from its linear nature from its predecessors and jumps into the open world space.

This was the natural progression for Legend of Zelda as a franchise to delve into. Every single Zelda game I have played especially just before the first playthrough I always had that sense of excitement to jump into the world but for this, I had a sense of unease. I’ll explain further as I delved deeper into the game as time went by. My sister and my brother are avid fans more so than I and their sheer excitement for this game were high and really I was playing this game for them not necessarily for myself and that was a telling sign for me as a gamer and a fan of this series.

As a gamer, I enjoyed the open world nature and what Nintendo and crew pulled off, a living breathing Hyrule. As a fan, going through the game I had noticed that sense of curiosity and wonder was not strong in this Zelda game and I was perplexed by that. I understood the story that the game was going for and on the scale of it. I noticed I was doing things out of obligation rather than exploration and wanting to do it. I was playing the game by the numbers, doing only what was necessary. Completing the shrines, that are scattered all over Hyrule or finding the watchtowers. I could tell certain aspects of the game had taken inspiration from other games that have come out in the past decade which was used to great effect in Breath of the Wild.

The only time I had that same old Zelda excitement feeling was the Divine Beasts because of its linear nature of them. It reminded me of the old temples in Ocarina of Time or Windwaker(Which is my personal favourite from the series). That’s when it clicked for me, why I had this sense of unease playing the game. I don’t like that Breath of the Wild grew up. What I loved about the series as a whole that it had that sense of linearity in its approach, it didn’t expand and grab these elements in its gameplay that other games have done and have done it better and to great success.

I don’t want Legend of Zelda to grow up. And the fact it did, saddens me a great deal. What made it unique was those elements when you tackle those Divine Beasts and I wished the game was smaller. Go back to its roots because I admit this, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is not made for me. This is for the next generation of fans and the loyal Nintendo and Zelda fans alike. I wanted that unique Nintendo experience that I can’t get anywhere but I noticed a lot of elements that other games that have come before it in this game and call me stuck in the past or old timer that needs to let go of the past but that how like my Zelda games because its a link to the past.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a solid game for newcomers and fans of the series and do highly recommend it for any Switch owners. Unfortunately for me, it’s not my Zelda and you know that’s okay. It doesn’t mean in no way I’m leaving the series, just I’ll be watching it from the sidelines and hoping Nintendo bring it back to its linear roots.

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