Surviving Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a interactive drama survival horror game that I really never knew was coming out until a few days beforehand as one of the actors in the game on his Instagram posted a pic of himself from in-game and I was like colour me intrigued. So I did a little digging before its release and noticed this game was originally made for the PS3 as a PS Move game but was redeveloped for the PS4.

And I have to say is good thing it did switch to the PS4 as now the PS4 library of games are starting to build and this game is a good starting point for any PS4 owner to have in their collection.

The game takes place in a remote mountain getaway retreat among eight friends as you control each of these characters throughout the game making choices in the game’s main mechanic called the “Butterfly Effect” where choices you make immediately will change the course of the story and even characters fates. The game developers whether intentional or not, grabbed a few notes from the Telltale Games playbook of how choices will come back with rewards or consequences later in the game but it applies a different spin on that moral compass.

This won’t be an in-depth review or anything just my feelings on my experience of the game overall. Until Dawn uses every horror “cliche” in the book but what it does is that it knows this and plays a wink to the player throughout the game then adds some new flavours on top of that giving it a different taste through its storytelling and the environments and the score helps accentuates the heightened state of the tension building from the start of the game. There is a point in the game where it switches to high gear and the game moves at a very fast pace to the end of the game.

The latter half of the game it felt rushed to some degrees that could be my only negative is the game length. There is a character you encounter at the “breaks” between the chapters which has no resolution which to me was the most intriguing part of the game but the character just vanishes towards the end and that was it, they could of really delved more into that particular character my interactions with him was the most fun.

I clocked just about 10 hours by the time the credits rolled around. Stick around during the credits as it shows the various endings on who survived the game. I’m playing through it again and seeing the choices I didn’t make playout. One aspect of the game I really loved was the bonus content you unlock over the course of the game which are small videos of the making of the game, giving you an insight on how the game came together from the creators to the actors and composer.

It’s a really well put together package I enjoy in the episodic breaks in the game where I would watch a video of the game making aspect and then jump back into the game. There is a high replayability factor in this game which is great. The overall package from its presentation, its graphical fidelity, music and the icy environment the game is set in makes Until Dawn a worthy part of your PS4 collection.

Author: gypogamer

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